Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where have I been?

A good question!

Last semester here at Northwest, so things have been pretty crazy. Spinosaur review is nearing completion (waiting on a few photographs, some fantastic artwork, and a bit of statistics), and have started a new project that also deals with the certified Most Awesome Clade™ (using GIS techniques to find ideal locations for North American spinosaurs should they exist, a possibility I find quite likely).

I'll be gone roughly from the middle of May to the beginning of August, doing fieldwork in southern Utah (the Grand Staircse-Escalante National Monument area) and joining a crew from the Museum of the Rockies to work on the famous Egg Mountain site in northwestern Montana. From what I understand, the MOR field program usually offers satellite based internet services, so likely expect periodic updates as the field season progresses.

Swear I'll write about something until that time comes. Peace out, Blogland.


  1. I'll be at GSENM this summer! Maybe I'll bump into you.

  2. Dude I love the idea of using GIS to find spinosaur habitat! RaaaaggghH!! Soo coooool!

    I'm also very excited because, should all go according to plan, the coming week should be filled with nothing other than working on ceramics and doing your Spinosaur illustrations. YES!!!

    Also, that Sagan video you posted brought me to tears. No joke. I haven't cried in YEARS. That video made me feel so much love. Thanks for posting that.

  3. Sounds great dude! Looking forward to seeing what you put together quite a bit.