Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Paleo paper Challenge.--

Andy Farke and Dave Hone are putting together a project called the (you guessed it!) Paleo Paper Challenge. The idea? Finish a paper and get it published by the beginning of next year. It's especially a new (and thus far quite interesting) challenge for me because I've never before attempted a formal scientific publication--until now I've strictly dealt with translating the information I've been learning (my interest in paleontology, especially as a life's path, was rekindled by a chance event last spring) into a medium aimed for the curious layperson.

Basically, the paper is a review on a group of ancient prehistoric animals called the Spinosauridae (I've blogged about Spinosaurus here before, so you shouldn't be entirely unfamiliar!). From the first discoveries through the century following, it details a multitude (and a half) of finds that have been made by paleontologists spanning the globe and adds my own thoughts and interpretations behind them--their form, evolution, and biotic history.

So, give it a chance! Even if you've never tried it before, there's no better time to start than now.


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